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Happy Pride Month 2019!

Today marks the first day of #PrideMonth, our annual celebration of the LGBTQIA+ community, an expression of our commitment to integrity, dignity, and respect for everyone. And while we all should PROUDLY wear our rainbow colors in this fabulous, inclusive, loving celebration, we should, at the same time, never forget that it is born of an epic struggle that continues to this day. ( Let us not forget that LGBTQIA+ does not end at LG. Our trans and non-binary siblings are under assault by the current administration, thus we must all challenge ourselves to answer, "What are we doing about it?"

So as we all partake of this wonderful and proactive community celebration and engagement, H-Town Progressive is proud to show its support by dedicating all podcast episodes this month to LGBTQIA+ issues. We hope you'll join us! #Stonewall50 #Pride

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