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Black Lives Matter

In response to the ongoing massacre of African Americans at the hands of law enforcement around the country, most recently with the murder of Houston native George Floyd in Minneapolis, people have taken to the streets in protest.

H-Town Progressive stands in solidarity with these protests.

So in addition to our regular podcast programming, we will dedicate this space to aggregating real stories of what is happening on the ground here in Houston.

To start, below you will see photos of the peaceful protest organized by Black Lives Matter Houston on Friday afternoon (May 29, 2020). The rally began at 2pm in Discovery Green and proceeded to City Hall where it ended at shortly after 4pm. Contrary to some reporting, the protesters were nonviolent and did not destroy property. The vandalism that did occur, occurred later and was perpetrated by ad hoc agitators, many of whom were white, with their own separate agendas.

Here is the direct link if you have trouble viewing on this site.

If you have stories to share, please reach out to

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