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H-Town Progressive Voter Guide

Sick of stump speeches? Want to know what candidates for Houston City Council and Mayor would actually do if elected? Introducing the H-Town Progressive 2019 Houston Municipal Election Voter Guide!
In partnership with Human Age Digital, we’ve asked every candidate for Houston City Council and Mayor to give their video responses to the same 5 questions, which we carefully crafted:
(1) to address issues important to Houston’s progressive community, and 
(2) to elicit unscripted responses that clearly show the candidate’s position on those issues.
Our Process:
Each candidate for Houston City Council and Mayor received an email from us with a link to our questions. From the link, the candidate was prompted to record a video response from their own device, not exceeding 1 minute for each question. The candidate had one opportunity to re-record the question during the same session. No candidate saw the questions in advance.
Questions the Candidates Answered:
Question 1
It is August 2020, a category 5 hurricane is about to hit Houston. Evacuations have been ordered for coastal areas and some inland areas, including parts of the City of Houston. What will you do to ensure that principles of equity are employed in the evacuation response?
Question 2
The Houston Chronicle reports that a child has died at the 419 Emancipation facility. City officials have tried to learn more, but both the operator of the facility and the federal government refuse to confirm or deny any details about the incident. What do you do in the first 24 hours after learning about the death?
Question 3
The Spirit of the Confederacy statue that currently sits in Sam Houston Park has been vandalized and knocked down. Do you vote for or against spending government money to restore it and put it back up?
Question 4
Austin recently became the first city in the United States to fund abortion support services. A similar proposal from the Health Department has come to a vote on Houston City Council. The vote is tied and you are the last and deciding vote. How will you vote and why?
Question 5
Another black trans woman has been murdered in Houston. Is her identity important in determining the City’s response to the murder, why or why not?
Finally, we'd like to express our gratitude to everyone involved in making this project a reality including a special shout out to our technology provider InterviewStream (formerly RIVS) for powering the candidate interview technology. InterviewStream is a leading platform for one way and live digital video interviews. If you need to simplify your hiring process, check them out!
Watch the Candidate Responses:
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